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Between the before and after photo, weeks can pass to complete a renovation project.  Days are scheduled, designs are discussed, colours considered, and the Laetitia Viljoen Artist Team are assembled, and tasks are assigned.  Productive days follow and deadlines hover on the timeline’s horizon.  Efficiency acquired over years, equip the team to perform their art at the highest level under the excellent leadership of Laetitia’s project management expertise.

From the picture in the client’s mind, Laetitia assemble the new look.  Much time is spent to verify the client’s particular preferences regarding the envisaged result, but enough room is left for impromptu changes in the middle of the project to further enhance the outcome.

Planning, designing, and executing the different elements of the project includes murals, gilded surfaces, repainting of walls with application of trendy decorative techniques, incorporation of embellishments, complete kitchen revamp (including kitchen cupboards), furniture, frames, and decorative items.

Clients also can commission Laetitia for exclusive fine art (custom designed, framed, and inclusive of a picture hanging service) for a particular room, an empty corridor or porch.

Laetitia not only specializes in interior decorative art, but also excel in exterior decorative art regarding walls, concrete garden pots and statues, sun dials and metal gates. Numerous clients in South Africa treasure Laetitia’s signature of excellence edged on their properties.

Only the best products, materials and techniques are considered since Laetitia has embarked on her very successful decorative art endeavour, more than thirty years ago.  Quality is never substituted for cheaper alternatives and previous projects which were done ten- or twenty years ago, testify to that.  Established clients often call to have their residential- or business space revamped again as they experience the lasting quality of Laetitia’s work.

Whether working in urban or rural areas, no effort is spared to achieve the best outcome within the shortest time.  Often equipment like scaffolding, ladders and other essentials are transported to the site and for the duration of the project, the artist team relocated to start at the crack of dawn.  Work ethic is of utmost importance and Laetitia has established herself among well known architects, property developers and homeowners as an artistic force to be reckon with.

Her work can be viewed in the project gallery, where the meticulous attention to important detail can be observed.  No project is too big or too small.  From a mirror to a mural, Laetitia and her artist team looking forward to delivering another master piece.

Laetitia values client satisfaction and was delighted when a valued client commented, ‘My home now resembles the Palace of Versailles’.

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