Laetitia Viljoen

Well known for her exquisite decorative art in South African 5-star hotels, entertainment venues, guest houses, embassies, restaurants and private residences, she established her decorative paint techniques and fine art business in 1992.  Her training courses, sponsored by Plascon, attracted students from as far as Europe, the USA, Israel and Australia while she also presented her popular courses in South Africa and other Africa countries.

For more than 30 years, Laetitia has combined her creativity, thorough knowledge of interior styles, technical expertise and skill to transform ordinary and dull spaces into exquisite and vibrant environments by focussing on the individual needs, requirements and design of each project.

In 2007 her level of expertise, landed her a VIP study and work invitation to attend a 3-week workshop in Italy with four top international muralists – Nicila Virgini (Italy), Pierre Finkelstein (USA), Pasqual Amblard (France) and Shaun Cosby (USA).

Highly recognised by architects, interior decorators and contractors, she has completed several exclusive art commissions for corporates and private clients and her signature is seen in Michelangelo Towers in Sandton, The Palace at Lost City, Castello in Waterkloof, Villas, Corporate Buildings, Religious Institutions and Embassies.

One of her most majestic works was purchased in 2018 by the Blue Lizard Art Gallery in Perth Australia. Her latest art work was done for the reception area of the new development at Trilogy Menlyn Maine residences and Capital Hotel, Menlyn, Pretoria where two large gilded oil paintings featured on the focus walls.

Her art changes the ordinary and the old into extraordinary vivacious appeal.   She understands the elegance of simplicity but also specializes in the opulence of gold leaf abundance. Whether she creates mega size hand painted wallscapes or exquisite gilded chandeliers, she always transforms the space she is commissioned to change.

Sourcing art works from top international and local artists as well as from galleries such as Sotheby’s and the Everard Reid Gallery in South Africa, is another specialist service she offers her clients.

Her projects demonstrate skill and precision and has become synonymous with style and elegance, exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail.  Several hand painted and decorated furniture were commissioned by clients for export to New York, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Laetitia’s work was showcased on the popular South African television program Top Billing and featured in numerous interiors decorating magazines such as the South African Garden & Home as well as Habitat. Her fine art collections were exhibited during private exhibitions.

She was often invited as a specialist guest on radio talk shows and TV programmes.

Laetitia exhibited her work during annual trade exhibitions like Decorex and Grand Design where she shared the stage with Plascon.


Master artist, Laetitia Viljoen’s international qualifications and proven competences, sculpted her into an energetic project manager who has perfected the art of balancing the five project currencies – time, money, knowledge, sound advice and aesthetic appeal in her consulting and coaching service bouquet.  Advice is her contemporary art.  Flair is her flagship. Measured against her strict success criteria, she skilfully coordinates and manages projects and transforms budget restrictions into unexpected luxurious results by applying her array of practical skills and talent for using colour, light, space, shape and form.

Service Bouquet

Consulting & Advisory: Colour and Product selection
Project Management: Quality control and Implementing of Operating Procedures
Managing, Supervising and Guiding Qualified and Experienced Teams of Decorative and Fine Artists on site.
Interpret and replicate client’s brief to perfection

Online Training (USB Course)
Workshops (Practical)
Specialised Master Classes
On-site Training and Skills development of staff


– Kim Everitt

“My journey with Laetitia spans across various years and industry. Apart from her completing a successful Coaching certification with me in The NeuroCoach Institute which she has applied in her communication and service to clients, Laetitia has also been instrumental in some of the most beautiful and precious pieces of repurposed and artified furniture and Object d’art in our home.

Recently I purchased some of her art which graces our home, and elicits much beautiful conversations from friends and visitors.

Laetitia has a unique way of listening, that almost translates into the end-product in her minds-eye within minutes.  You have a sense of ‘I am understood and heard’, and this is such a beautiful gift to a client.

Professionalism and dedication are part of the experience and journey with her, and this combined with her God-given gift of creativity is powerful and oh so rewarding to whoever has been and will be her client!”

– Angela W. (USA)

“Laetitia is a great teacher. She has excellent communication skills and is inspiring. Laetitia knows exactly how to bring the best out of each of her students. She shows each step with clarity and detail – something that most teachers will not do as thoroughly. Her approach makes even the difficult parts doable for even the most inexperienced of students. Many people teach, but not all teachers are as well versed in their subject matter nor as gifted in conveying the intricacies of a project as Laetitia. I recommend her to anyone who wants to learn about creating decorative art professionally or just for fun.”

– Erika v Engel (Managing Director | Blue Lizard Gallery | Western Australia)

“Laetitia Viljoen known as one of South Africa’s most profound Corporate Artists on projects both small and large. Laetitia has the capacity to teach skills and painting techniques to many individuals as well as  the ability to create large hand gold leaf master pieces showcasing in the foyers of many hotels, corporations Internationally. Laetitia Viljoen was commissioned to create an oversized piece of art called Lane in Gold imported and currently showcasing in our art gallery in Western Australia. The challenge was to create, import and deliver the original piece of art sized at 4000mm x 2650mm safely and in good order within a limited time frame. Working with Laetitia through the process was seamless and a pleasant experience. Her professional approach and attention to detail is highly commendable. We look forward to work with Laetitia on significant pieces of art that will bring delight to many individuals and corporations in the future.”

– Avianne (Avianne international, LLC. Boise Idaho, USA)

“I have personally worked alongside Laetitia on countless projects for several years. I have had an insider perspective on her character, work ethic and artistic results, for an extended period of time, like few others have. She is the only Decorative Artist I professionally endorse on my website. Laetitia is committed to excellence, has a stellar professional reputation both in South Africa and abroad and has a dedication, passion and ethical commitment to her projects unlike any I have ever seen. I can recommend her to anyone anywhere in the world with a lot of peace in my heart, knowing that she will create work that is not only artistically and, with regards to quality, exceptional and stunning, but also carries the mark of a creative authority whose character and ethical standards in business have no equal in the broader arts industry.”

– Johann Venter, (Director, Legacy Hotel Group)

“Laetitia Viljoen was commissioned by LDM to do the Paint Techniques in the Michelangelo Towers (190 units) in 1985. Laetitia put together a team who did the work in a very professional manner and within the time period given to her. Today, after all these years, many of the bathrooms and kitchens still have the original Paint Technique being intact. Laetitia is in her own right, an artist that can be commissioned to do Paint Techniques to plastered walls, furniture, cupboards etc.  Laetitia also excels in painting artwork in a normal size, as well as meters tall in foyers to buildings / double story walls of houses.  She also excels in patterns and modern art. Through her many contact in the art world, she can be commissioned to advise one on any form of art.  She also has a team of trusted painters doing painting in houses. It is with confidence that I can recommend you contact Laetitia for any art requirements. Please contact me on 082 571 3154 should you wish to obtain more clarity on the testimonials I have prepared for her.”

– Jenny Coetzee (Student)

“Laetitia, thank you for the wonderful, exciting, informative five-day training I was fortunate enough to have with you. You are just the best!! The classes were packed with all new methods and I enjoyed every minute. It is hard work (thank goodness… money well spent) but we also had so much fun. Can’t wait to have another breakaway with you. Well done.”

-Amanda Bergh (Student)

Laetitia thank you so much for your inspiration your training has helped me understand the differeces between different paints and how to re-use the same product for different applications.  I am able to safely use paints and keep everything clean in the process.  My home is beautiful with all the techniques I was able to play with on the walls, furniture, cement and wooden surfaces.

– Erika V Engel (Friend, Writer, Student, Associate)

“Laetitia Viljoen  is known to me since 1997, we have spent significant time together on a personal and corporate level. Laetitia is known to be a marvelous mentor and friend and added significant value and inspiration into my personal life over many years and the lives of so many other women and men. Her compassionate, soft, authentic and ethical nature towards people makes one always feel welcome and cared for in her presence. I find it an honour to work with Laetitia in any environment from small personal projects to large corporate requirements.”

– Johan Potgieter, Aukland, NZ (Student)

“I would like to thank Laetitia for her course I did way back in 2007, without her knowledge and skills I learned, I would not have successfully completed my Painter and Decorator Certificate III in Australia, the skills she provided made it easy to complete the Certificate in a mere 6months (Prior learning experience) instead of the 3yrs apprenticeship. I have been also accepted in the Dulux/Porter’s Paint Guilded Membership due to the knowledge I gained, I even showed some extra skills to my instructors here in which you have to be invited to attend. I am currently waiting to find out if I have been accepted as Accredited Painter for the Dulux group in NZ. I could not have done it without her course and would gladly recommend anyone to attend her courses.. from the industry professional to the simple DIY’er at home. I have successfully set up my limited company in New Zealand and can honestly say I have set myself up above the rest of the painters here based on the course she conducted. I have the utmost respect for her and her work.”

– Linette Lintvelt, Master Gilder (Student, Associate)

The magic of working with a Master Artist Laetitia Viljoen

“Sitting in her class and absorbing the theory of art is already a privilege. Working with her is pure magic. Not only is every brush stroke applied with precision and confidence but studying her expression is priceless. She is continuously measuring the end result against the bigger picture – that of perfection. Sometimes merely enhancing a curve or adding a shadow, completes the envisaged end result. She works fast and with an efficiency that is an art itself. Laetitia’s signature is an imprint of elegance and grace, whether it is left on a villa’s interior or on the soul of an apprentice. The impact is the same. It lasts a lifetime.”