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Laetitia Viljoen

A Merchant of Art

Laetitia Viljoen is a master of style. She understands the elegance of simplicity but also specializes in the opulence of abundant colour and the brilliance of gold- or silver leaf gilding. Unique paint techniques tell the tale of her talent for more than two decades.

Perfection is her measure and projects are done on time. She is skilled and talented and has combined her artistic abilities, experience and significant signature to earn her a niche in the hearts and homes of many South African- and international clients.

A Process of Precision

Laetitia’s art is an exhibition of the client’s signature conveying the unique personal or corporate style as a welcoming statement for the visitor.

Where Art meets Architecture

For more than two decades, her sought after custom designs defined residential and corporate spaces, met the architectural demands and added aesthetic accent.

Atmosphere & Ambiance

Vast spaces spur on her impulse to innovate and her advanced knowledge talent, technique and international training render exquisite art connecting all elements of atmosphere and ambiance.

Extraordinary Virtuosity of Technique & Repertoire

The play of light through space fascinates her and exquisite inlays of gold-, silver and copper leaf are luminous witness of her extraordinary virtuosity of technique and repertoire

The Space She Shapes

Focusing her designs, to convey the layers of light or disguise the dark of burnt amber antiquing in deep shadows, give testimony to the special skills of one of South Africa’s most vaunted artists. Her expertise and skill transform impossible places into palatial spaces.

Art Sourcing Consultancy

Laetitia also offers an art sourcing consultancy working in close collaboration with the client, interior designer or architect, selecting exclusive works of art to create a visual focus within the private or corporate space she masterly shapes.

Texture is the Chariots of Form

Teasing the eye when raw walls are marbled and veined and transformed into true stone. Or, embracing the flat surface of the wall whether using broad monochromatic planes of colour, or pastel layers, punctuated by minute intricate detail, she blends her artist’s ability to display the processes reflecting composition and creating a dynamic expressive effect.

An Occasion for Interior Grandeur

Laetitia’s art is an immediate occasion for interior grandeur in terms of its scale, energy, light and color.  Several exclusive art commissions for corporates and private clients are among her most accomplished creations.