Furniture & Decorative Finishes (Full Day Course)


Course materials, lunch & refreshments included.

Date & Time = 29 January & 2 April 2022 (8h30 – 16h00)
Venue = Blos Cafe, Faerie Glen, Pretoria

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This course is only presented twice a year. Don’t miss out!

Innovatively structured and packed with the latest trends in paint, colour, products & materials. Lectures will equip students with theory and step-by-step practical knowledge including safety measures. Students will be introduced to various techniques which will enhance the original beauty of an item.

Learn about the choice of products, tools and materials, preparation of surfaces, cleaning and caring of brushes and the application methods of each technique and the theory behind these decorative finishes
Techniques covered:

Dragging ,Distressing, Weathered and Chipped Finishes, Peeling Paint, Pickling, Speckling, Staining, Liming, Chalk paint
Gold Leafing, Pewter, Metallics, Patinas, Oxidising, Antiquing, Stencil Designs, Embellishments and more

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29 January 2022, 2 April 2022