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I want this class to be the perfect stepping stone for anyone ready to begin their journey in decorative art. The classes are also an advanced learning opportunity for those of you who are already practising paint techniques, whether as a hobby or a career. My objective is to teach you confidence to practise the acquired skills and enjoy painting professionally.

Course Overview

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Course Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of each module and what you can expect to learn from the course.

The course modules are all explained through detailed videos, for easy and practical understanding.

If you have any further question please feel free to contact me at anytime!


The following will be covered in this section:

Module 1 – Intro
Module 2 – Materials
Module 3 – Cleaning
Module 4 – Preperation of walls
Module 5 – Paints
Module 6 – Paint technique recipies
Module 7 – Quantities for base painting techniques
Module 8 – Storing paint
Module 9 – Saftey measures
Module 10 – Where to start
Module 11 – Colourwash
Module 12 – Ragging off
Module 13 – Sponging
Module 14 – Organza parchment
Module 15 – Frottage
Module 16 – Stripes
Module 17 – Stucco

Furniture & Decorative

The following will be covered in this section:

Module 1 – Intro
Module 2 – Tools & materials
Module 3 – Safety measures
Module 4 – Paint brushes
Module 5 – Cleaning & maintenance
Module 6 – Surface preparation
Module 7 – Paint technique recipies
Module 8 – Staining
Module 9 – Liming
Module 10 – Weathered finish
Module 11 – Dragging
Module 12 – Antiquing
Module 13 – Decorative finish intro
Module 14 – Gilding
Module 15 – Stencilling
Module 16 – Distressing
Module 17 – Oxidising
Module 18 – Pickling
Module 19 – Speckling – Spattering
Module 20 – Varnish

Concrete & Metal

The following will be covered in this section:

Module 1 – Intro
Module 2 – Tools & equipment
Module 3 – Protective gear
Module 4 – Paint brushes
Module 5 – Safety measures
Module 6 – Preperation of metal
Module 7 – Preperation of concrete
Module 8 – Preperation of plastic
Module 9 – Stucco
Module 10 – Sandstone
Module 11 – Verdigris
Module 12 – Weathered Terracotta
Module 13 – Liming
Module 14 – Rust
Module 15 – Antiquing
Module 16 – French metal

What people say about the course

– Linette Lintvelt (5/5 Rating) -

1 week ago

Laetitia Viljoen presents every module with elegance and confidence. The techniques she has mastered over 30 years she now shares with her students. Following her lead and studying the content is opening the world of colours, textures and choices to equip the beginner and enhance the knowledge of the advance student at the same high level. She certainly excels as an excellent tutor and her friendly and professional demeanor impresses at all times. A great curicullum containing all you need to successfully start a hobby or a business. I have learned from a Master Artist. Thank-You Laetitia!

– Suzette Pistorius (5/5 Rating) -

3 weeks ago

I’ve recently bought the decorative art course from Laetitia Art Interiors and am really impressed with the number of techniques presented and course content. I’ve learned a lot.
Realy worth buying.

– Patricia Bradbury Tee (5/5 Rating) -

5 weeks ago

I have been so busy doing the techniques at home after doing the online course by Laetitia, I have just got to say this was the most enjoyable, informative, fun, professional to the best standard, especially to people like myself not having done anything in this line, thank you so much Laetitia for your professional friendly manner but most of all making your course so enjoyable ! I truly can’t remember when last I did a course where I enjoyed every minute! you are truly a star, once again thank you Laetitia.

– Marlene Brown (5/5 Rating) -

7 weeks ago

What a lovely, enjoyable course!! Thanks Laetitia for the wonderful way you transferred your knowledge!! Can’t wait for the next online course !!

– Lorna (5/5 Rating) -

7 weeks ago

Very professional and clear explanation of the various techniques.!

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